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IWC quick guide to completing the IWC resume template

Quick Step-by-Step

  • Add a current photo of head and shoulders.

  • Write your full name and address, including your home country.

  • Then add your email and phone number.

  • List all the countries you have travelled too

  • Include WHY you visited (ex: Tourism, Internship)

  • If you have never traveled DELETE this section

  • List your educational background

  • Name of your degree or major studied first

  • Name of university, city and country secondof

  • List your work experience

  • Name of Job Title is first (Ex: Clerk, Salesperson)

  • Name of company, city and then country

  • Brief description of job dutiesa

  • List all languages you can speak or are learning

  • L1 = Your native language

  • L2 = You second most fluent language

  • Include proof of fluency (Test/Aptitude Levels)f

  • List your computer skills

  • Skill or ability first

  • Program second

  • List dates in order from current to the past

  • Use numbers not names (Don't use "June 03")

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