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On this page is a basic English essay sample. It contains:

  • Introduction Paragraph with "Hook" sentence, positions sentences, and a thesis statement

  • One Supporting Paragraph with credible support using an example and details with transition words

  • Conclusion Paragraph with a review sentence, expectation sentence, and a final statement

College-Level Thesis-Based Essay Sample
TOPIC: International Travel

Have you ever seen a movie set in a different country and wanted to travel there to learn about their culture? South Korea is a great place to visit, especially for students. A student doesn't need a lot of money to explore the country and it's a great way to see how their hometowns differ from life somewhere else. Foreigner students should travel in Daegu, South Korea because it is affordable and gives them a chance to experience a different culture.

A good reason why foreigners should travel in Korea is because it is affordable. Korea has a number of ways to get around the country, including trains and buses. First, there are many inexpensive trains that can take foreigners to all parts of the country. These trains are economical and have regularly scheduled stops so people can visit many places in a short time. There is also a "bullet train" called the KTX. It is a little more expensive, but for the price is a good deal because it can cross the country at high speed. However, most people like to tour Korea while riding on buses. There are many tourism companies that bring visitors on buses with low fares to special locations all the around the country. The price is low and the service is great. Moreover, you can meet and spend time with many other people. Trains and buses are an inexpensive and fun way to see Korea.

Traveling in Korea is a great way for foreigner students to experience a different culture without spending a lot of money. By encouraging students to explore Korea, more young people can discover the history and traditions of the country, sharing what they learn with those in their hometown. Furthermore, traveling by bus through the countryside offers great opportunities to visit temples and famous landmarks while eating traditional food. There’s no better way to learn about a different culture than to pack your bags and go traveling.

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